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Single or Three Phase

  • Power quality measurement
  • DIN 96 panel mounted with IP64 front
  • Real time clock, 8MB Memory with Event and alarm recording
  • Mono graphical display with tactile buttons
  • Multi-tariff measurement
  • Digital inputs and relay outputs
  • Pulse output and Modbus communication
  • Harmonics up to the 63rd
  • Active energy EN62053-22 Class 0.2S
  • Up to four additional plug-in modules
  • Waveform capture, waveform display, phasor diagrams etc.
  • 4 Tariffs
  • Single or three phase network connection (TN, TT, TI)


The RI-F500 Series is an advanced DIN 96 panel mounted multifunction meter with power analyser functions. Suitable for electrical parameter measurement and power quality analysis.

The meter has a mono graphical display which provides clear indication in all light conditions.

Up to four plug-in modules can be added which allow the functionality of the meter to be extended with a wide range of both inputs and outputs. This enables full system integration with smart electricity distribution apparatus and energy management systems.

These meters may be used in single or three phase balanced or unbalanced load systems.

Quick select tactile buttons on the front of the meter allow the user fast access to the display page required.

Input and Output Features

The meter is equipped as standard with the following inputs and outputs:-
  • RS485 Modbus
  • Energy pulse output
  • 2 x AC Digital inputs
  • 2 x Relay outputs
  • Neutral current transformer input
In addition to these core features the meters functionality can be expanded by the use of plug-in modules.

Plug-in Modules

The RI-F500 Series are provided with two connection points, each of which can accommodate two extension modules. This means that up to four modules may be connected per meter.

  • RI-A5ACDI - 2 x AC digital input
  • RI-A5DCDI - 4 x DC digital inputs
  • RI-A5RO5A - 2 x relay outputs
  • RI-A5DCAI - 2 x analogue inputs : mA
  • RI-A5PT100 - 2 x analogue inputs : PT100
  • RI-A5DCAO - 2 x analogue outputs : mA
  • RI-A5ETNT - Ethernet, Modbus/TCP
  • RI-A5PROF - DB9, Profibus-DP
  • RI-A5WIFI - WiFi : Modbus/TCP
  • RI-A5GPRS - GPRS : Modbus/TCP, SMS
  • RI-A5RS485 - RS485, Modbus-RTU
  • RI-A5RS232 - RS232, Modbus-RTU
  • RI-A5MBUS - Mbus
  • RI-A5RSBAC - BACnet RS485



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