Otway4 - 4-Channel NB-IoT Logger

SBS Otway 4c Logger

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  • Up to 15 year battery life1
  • Replaceable long-life Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries.
  • Up to 4 Inputs. (pulse, 0-10v etc) with Tamper Detection
  • IP 67 enclosure with cable-gland bottom entry
  • Industrial Solder SIM for robust communications (can be over-ridden by using internal SIM slot)
  • Optional secondary Battery can be fitted for long-life comms at faster push intervals (say 15 minute intervals).
  • Encrypted, compressed payload sent to Netstream.
  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for commissioning
  • Manufactured in Australia for harsh Australian conditions.
  • Anti-Tamper screws
  • Available with different pulse probes to suit different meter types. (additional cost may apply depending on meter/probe type)

1 NOTE: 15 Year battery life based on 2 input version with “Cell Edge” coverage (144dB MCL), < 50°C max ambient temp and 2 x channels of hourly data transmitted once every 24 hours. No OTA FW upgrades or BLE use (except at time of commissioning).


  • Secure 128 bit AES1 - GCM2 encryption
  • The Logger supports four (4) pulse inputs, so can be fitted to ELSTER V100 meters as well as:
  • C Series Combination meters
  • Helix Meters
  • Any other meter with a pulse output.
  • Has two “Standard” load-profiles (hourly)
  • Holds > 2-year of hourly data internally, even after data is sent
  • Has two “User selectable” load profiles (1min – 1 day)
  • Can add Load Profiles for total. (for dual meter installs)
  • User can select when the load profiles are sent.
  • OTA firmware updates (approx. 200kb)
  • Full integration with SBS Netstream platform. (API’s available)
  • Integrated Tamper alarm (Cover removed, Probe Removed, probe cable cut, probe cable shorted, Device uncontactable)

1 AES = Advance Encryption Standard
2 GCM = Galois/Counter Mode

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