EDMI MKL16 - Data Logger 16-channels

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The MKL-16 Data Logger is an extension of an existing tried and tested EDMI product, the Mk6 Genius poly-phase energy meter.

As a dedicated Data Logger, the power measurement capabilities of the Mk6 have been removed to make way for extensive storage and logging facilities.

The Data Logger has 16 passive inputs to log pulses from any number of sources: energy meters, water meters, gas meters or any other pulse output meter. Time Of Use can be logged for up to 60 days at 30 minute intervals (if all 16 channels are used ­ longer if less channels are used).


Power Supply

  • Single Phase
  • Nominal 57 to 240V AC or DC
  • Min to Max 45 to 290V AC or DC
  • Burden <10VA


  • Local: FLAGTM (IEC 1107) or ANSI Type 2 Optical
  • Remote: Isolated RS-485 or RS-232, EZIPORT

Auxiliary Supply Optional.

  • 110V (Others available on special order)

EMC Compliance

  • The MKL16 meets or exceeds the following standards: EN 61000-6-2 (Immunity for Industrial Environments) IEC 2555-5 (Insulation)


  • Two Lines of 16 alpha-numeric characters Up to 64 programmable `screens' can be set to view internal counters and registers

Communication possibilities

  • RS-232 (DB9), RS-485 (Terminals), GPRS/GSM/CDMA/PSTN Modems, MV90,TCP/IP.

Pulse Outputs

  • Up to 4
  • Voltage: 5~220V DC, 12~240V AC
  • Current: 0.2A maximum
  • Pulse Width: Programmable from 5ms to 250ms
  • Polarity: Programmable

Scripts: Standard or "to order"

Scripts are custom programs downloaded to the meter. Either the customer or EDMI can develop these. Scripts allow many calculations, management of registers and setting or clearing of outputs according to predetermined criteria. Scripts are powerful and are not limited to these simple examples.

Pulse Inputs

  • Up to 16
  • Voltage: 5, 12, 48, 110, 240 AC/DC

Temperature Range

  • Operating: -10 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Storage: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius

Time Keeping

  • Type: Mains synchronised or internal crystal (selectable). Mains synchronised reverts to internal battery on loss of power supply.
  • Accuracy (internal): ±30 sec/month
  • Backup time: 2 years without power
  • Backup type: Lithium Battery

Data Storage (Configuration and TOU data load survey)

  • Flash RAM, indefinite storage period
  • Battery backed up RAM (10 year external battery)

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