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High rise residential multi-tower development

In the 18 months from initial design SBS delivered a full turn-key, funded hot water and sub-metering solution for one of Asia's largest developers. Supplying and servicing the needs of over 600 apartments across 3 towers SBS provided high efficiency hot water plant, hot water metering, chilled water metering for air-conditioning and electrical sub-metering. Working closely with the developer and its building contractor teams, SBS developed a ground up solution to provide entire turn-key services for energy, water and chilled metering and hot water plant provision. In addition to the metering, plant and communications supply and commissioning a fully funded...

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Port and Airports

With a complex and ever-changing footprint, our client sought to smarten their existing metering network while preparing for new technology adoption as they expanded. The site covers a vast area with complex safety and security issues and tenancy arrangements that include Retail, Hospitality, transport, logistics and essential services. To kick off the project, SBS undertook detailed audit and assessment of the client’s existing metering equipment, asset life analysis and refresh or replace options for the entire facility. The findings were assessed with current and future needs of the site, prioritisation of impact (e.g. loss of revenue, reportable energy consumption etc.)...

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Communities & Broad Acre Development

From entire communities to or a large-scale broad acre development SBS provides energy and metering, communications and data solutions to provide our clients a single source of data for billing, operational management and energy efficiency. Since 2015 SBS has provided communities in Regional Australia integrated energy and utility metering, communications and data for the ongoing management of facilities, consumption and billing. Data is valuable particularly in areas where services such as energy and water require close monitoring and management. Whilst each application can require a bespoke solution SBS utilise our inherent skills source, deliver or manufacture equipment designed and proven...

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