SBS’s intellectual property delivers a leading edge data communications solution (Westfield Geelong)

Smart Building Services (SBS) was contracted to supply and commission an embedded electricity metering network with remote meter reading capability at Westfield’s shopping centre in Geelong as part of the conversion of the site to an embedded network.

Project specifications

Westfield Geelong

Westfield Geelong Facilities Management wanted to convert the centre’s electricity network to an embedded network in order to be able to achieve lower wholesale prices and network charges, measure greenhouse gas emissions, forecast load requirements and accurately bill tenants across almost 52,000 m2 of retail floor space

The SBS solution

SBS designed an embedded network (EN) system comprising 81 EN tenant meters mounted in a group metering panel utilising GPRS modem technology for remote meter data download and 37 in-store EN tenant meters utilising SBS EMBRACE radio mesh routers for wireless meter communications.

Due to the difficulties of installing hard wiring in the older part of the centre, SBS’s EMBRACE devices offered significant benefits with respect to installation and ongoing data communications costs.

In the new section of the centre,  embedded network meters are integrated into the centre’s building management system for near real time monitoring as well as connection via an EDMI Command Line interface to a third party meter reading system.  In the case of Westfield Geelong, SBS provides the meter data reading and hosting service, and forwards the meter readings to Westfield’s billing agent.

Embrace Radio

SBS’s EMBRACE range of devices enable an advanced wireless mesh network solution for EDMI meters that leverages the beneficial features of the Zigbee PRO standard.  Using wireless multi-hop technology, the devices can establish broad networks of meters which are independent of existing infrastructure.  EMBRACE devices contact the attached meters, retrieving meter and site information to automatically address and connect to same-site devices.

Westfield Geelong’s embedded network will facilitate a range of benefits through the use of its remote reading capability, such as the tracking of tenant energy use; provision  of data to a third party to allow accurate billing of tenant energy use; seamless changeover for tenants from child meters to orphan meters; reports for tracking performance; long-term  storage of data; analysis of problem areas and monitoring of corrective actions; compliance with reporting under energy rating schemes such as NABERS© and Greenstar©.

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