Domestic Gas Meter Model 750

Domestic Gas Meter Model 750

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Designed for long life and superior performance Housed in a compact aluminium case, the Model 750 is a slow revving high capacity gas meter. Its 2 litre per cycle diaphragm operates at a rate 60% slower than its 1.2 litre rivals.

Capacity 7.5 m3/h(Gas) at 125 Pascal Loss

Slow Revving Long Life Meter

Designed to EN1359 and AS4647

Pulse Ready – Field Retro-fittable

Powder Coated Aluminium Case

Magnetically Driven, All Weather, Sealed Index

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This design minimises the speed of internal components thereby reducing wear and ensuring long term accuracy retention.

The Model 750 has a capacity of 7.5m³/h of Natural Gas (SG0.62) or 6m³/h of air at 125Pa pressure drop, a standard proven in Australia and throughout the world to ensure durability and reliable accuracy for periods beyond 20 years.

The outstanding design features of the Model 750 gas meter such as its tangent control, large cyclic capacity and magnetic drive index provide unparalleled accuracy from 10 litres/h to 7.5m³/h.

The Model 750 has a low pressure absorption due to the tangent assembly, sliding low friction valves, and large cyclic capacity (2 dm3/cycle), which ensures extended field life and long term accuracy retention.

The initial accuracy of a meter is easy to achieve by using calibration to pass initial testing. However, sustained accuracy over time comes down to the quality, design and construction of the meter. The Model 750 has been designed for long-term stability and extended field life.

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