Single Phase Moulded Case RI-CT110 Series

RI-CT110 1600/5A


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The RI-CT110 Series forms part of a large family of solid core single phase moulded case current transformers from Rayleigh Instruments.

These transformers are suitable for monitoring current flow in commercial, industrial or utility applications. They are designed to connect any standard metering or relay product requiring a 5A or 1A output and are available with Primary current input ranges from 200A to 2000A.

The RI-CT110 Series have been designed for ease of installation and are supplied with DIN rail clip, Busbar fixings and fixing feet. They also have clear markings moulded into the case to indicate the correct direction of primary current flow to minimise installation errors.


  • From 200A to 2000A Primary currents
  • 5A or 1A Secondary output
  • 100mm width
  • 60 x 30mm, 80 x 10mm, 50 x 50mm or Ø60mm cable aperture
  • Sealable terminal cover
  • Supplied with DIN Rail mounting clip, Busbar fixing and mounting feet
  • Compact design
  • Indication of primary current flow (arrows on case body)


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Primary Current Class 0.5 VA Class 1 VA Class 3 VA
200A 2.5 5 7.5
300A 3 5 7.5
400A 7.5 10
500A 7.5 10 15
600A 7.5 10 15
800A 10 15 20
1000A 10 15 20
1200A 10 15 20
1250A 10 15 20
1500A 15 20 25
1600A 15 20 25
2000A 15 25 25

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