MULTICAL® 302 - Thermal meter


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The compact residential heat meter

MULTICAL® 302 is the compact meter based on the latest measurement technology. The compact meter has minimal installation space requirements and provides maximum functionality at a competitive price.

The meter is maintenance-free and the modern and high-tech meter guarantees you the most accurate compact meter on the market with up to 16 years of battery life. Comes with integrated Wired M-Bus communication.

Typical Usage

Area of Use: Residential

Measuring Principal: Ultrasonic

Metering Type: Heat, cooling, heat/cooling

Type: Complete meter - inseparable

Heat (MID) and cooling (TS) approvals: Yes

Key Specifications

Flow sensor: IP68

Flow sensor cable: 1.2 m

Temperature sensor cables: 2-wire: 1.5 m

Nominal flow: 0.6 - 2.5 m³/h

Sizes: DN15 - DN20

Pressure loss at nominal flow: Typically < 0.1 bar

Protection class: Calculator IP65

Battery life: Up to 16 years

Supply: Battery (Non-Replaceable)


Module slots:

None - integrated


M-Bus ONLY (In-Built)

Data logger: 15 years, 24 months, 460 days and 960 hours

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