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A "plug and play" device that allows EDMI meters to communicate on a wireless mesh network using a custom, secure, self-healing, ad-hoc Zigbee type protocol designed for long-term reliability.

SBS designed this module to be easy to use on broad-acre developments or for wireless interconnection of meters between floors.

SBS has whole towns using this system and is ideal for use on broad-acre developments such as retirement villages, caravan-park and marina metering where cabling between meters would be impossible or very expensive.

It has also proven useful in large shopping centres and high-rise buildings where cabling would be costly or disruptive.

The system allows for one SIM card at the gate meter and up to 63 interconnected meters. This significantly reduces the on-going meter reading costs as there is only a single SIM cost divided between a large number of meters.

From a metering point-of-view, the system looks and acts like a wired RS485 system with a transparent pass through.

Distances up to 1km can be reached with the device.


1-Requires EDMI "Atlas" meters with a Modem Power supply at the RJ45 port.

2-Antenna not included.




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