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Rayleigh Instruments

Current Transformers

Easywire® Three Phase

RI-CT240-EW Series

Rayleigh Instruments - CT240-EW - Easywire current transfomer


  • Patented Technology
  • Foot, bushbar or DIN rail mounting
  • RJ45 connector output
  • Safe to leave transformer on load with output disconnected
  • Fits standard moulded circuit breaker frame sizes
  • From 60A to 200A Primary current input available
  • 330mV output
  • Sealable RJ45 connection
  • 76mm width
  • 25mm bar centres
  • 30 x 15mm aperatures
Rayleigh Instruments - CT240-EW - Easywire current transformer - aperature

Product Description

This three phase current transformer is suitable for monitoring current in industrial and commercial applications and is designed to connect to the easywire® series of metering products.

Built-in limiting circuitry ensures the secondary of the current transformer is always under load and clamped to a safe level. This means that the output connection may be safely disconnected while under load.

Improved design features of these easywire® current transformers include a robust ‘snap-on’ DIN rail fixing, captive busbar location screw fittings, insulated busbar location feet, sealable (anti-tamper) RJ45 connection sockets and moulded load direction indication arrows on the CT shoulders.


Primary Current Output(RJ45) Order Code


Rayleigh Instruments - CT242-EW - Dimensions