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Utility consumption data. Simplified

SBS's Netstream solves the problem of how to get meter readings out of your meters and into a meaningful format for analysis or use. This intuitive utility data portal allows building managers, operators, and even tenants access to their meter data online at any time.

Netstream has many standard reports that can be used for energy and cost management, billing or tenant engagement. Custom templates can also be developed to allow the meter data to be downloaded directly into your existing accounting or energy management software. Netstream is meter agnostic, so it can integrate with most meter manufacturers' equipment, whether electrical, water, thermal or gas meters.

With native support for EDMI (EDMI command line), KAMSTRUP (KMP-Kamstrup Meter Protocol), OMS (Open Meter System), Wired and Wireless M-Bus (EN 13747), MODBUS RTU and BACnet (amongst others), Netstream is truly multi-utility and meter agnostic.




Turn meter data into actionable reports, bills or analytics

Netstream combines automated, daily meter interrogation with a web-based interface and is geared specifically toward energy consumers, building operators, property managers, and sustainability consultants.

Your data will always be in an easy to interpret format, regardless of the type of meter, and you will not need to install any meter-specific software.






Meter agnostic

Many meter manufacturers limit their users by forcing them to use their specific software for reading their meters, but this can add up to several siloed software programs running independently of each other.


Netstream can manage the meter reading of all types of meters. It provides the data over a simple web portal. Able to handle hundreds or thousands of meters, Netstream is scalable for all types of buildings.







Netstream features

  • Easy access to meter data for administrators
  • Intuitive and customisable web interface
  • Real-time meter reporting available (dependent on meter ability)
  • Built-in data redundancy ensures meter readings are accurate and delivered on time
  • Cloud-based model requires no in-house IT support
  • Daily or weekly snapshots of meter readings available
  • Meter and comms dashboards automatically evaluates data completeness
  • Fully compatible with the latest Internet Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, without the need for 3rd party plugins





Key features

We believe in open data. Netstream is "meter agnostic" meaning it can integrate with many different vendors' meters and systems.

Standard graphs and reports provide insights as well as billing information

Netstream automatically sends SMS and email alerts on important alarm conditions.

Connect 3rd-party applications to your data via the Netstream API or push data files to your platform in a number of file formats.

Whether you are an accountant or a portfolio manager, you control who can access what data in Netstream.

Always on.  You can be confident your utility data is safe and secure in Netstream.

Included mobile app lets tenants view utility consumption and costs in near real time.