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Multi-Residential Metering

Accurate Usage Data

SBS’s multi-residential solution provides accurate usage data for each tenant in a multi-tenant property, rather than using formulae or estimates based on square metre allocation.

  • Better reporting and cost allocation
  • Verification of bill accuracy for incoming utilities
  • Allows tenants to track and measure their consumption
  • Better allocation of utilities for common areas such as lobbies and swimming pools
  • Integration with building automation to monitor critical loads

SBS’S solution is perfect for property managers and ENOs

  • Near real-time monitoring with meters offline alerts
  • System training
  • Easy to use web-based software through Netstream
  • Data for NABERS or Greenstar reporting
  • Revenue-grade meter equipment for electricity, water, thermal energy or gas utilities
  • Meter equipment, maintenance and support


SBS’s multi-residential metering solution helps promote utility conservation by implementing:

  • Hot & cold water meters for new building, completed projects, or retrofits
  • Thermal energy metering
  • Electricity metering
  • Gas metering
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Efficient design and management of Heat-pump or Gas hot water plant.

Tenant Engagement

SBS’s solution not only makes things easier for building managers, it also helps tenants view:

  • All connected utilities
  • On their phone, tablet or device
  • Ability to assess consumption and comparisons
  • Driving consumer awareness, engagement and behaviour.