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Commercial Property


SBS provides utility management services for property managers on a property by property basis, or for entire portfolios across the country. We integrate existing electrical, water, gas and thermal meters onto a single data collection platform, providing full data access to anyone who needs it at any time. This includes best-in-class meter systems for both new constructions and retrofit projects.

Meter system maintenance is a core SBS service. This means service calls to inspect and verify modifications and additions to the meter system. It also means daily monitoring of the site through our Netstream platform, which enables the customer to discover energy consumption anomalies and patterns.



SBS supplies electrical, water, gas and thermal metering systems to measure the utility consumption of each tenant. Meter data is easily converted for analysis, reporting or tenant billing.

Common area utilities can be metered separately, with the costs borne by the strata or property manager and allocated to the tenants on a square footage or occupancy basis.



SBS integrated submetering services for institutions.

SBS provides integrated submetering services for existing electrical, water, thermal energy and gas metering systems to enable centralised data collection of all utility metering systems within a particular property or facility.

In addition to existing meter systems, SBS works with engineers to design and specify new integrated metering systems, which will meet the client’s requirements for open protocol, cloud-enabled data monitoring. This enables data accessibility by multiple user groups.



Metering services for industrial scenarios.

Our industrial clients install metering systems to track costs associated with production processes or divisions within an organisation. The meters are typically integrated into an on premise Building Management System (BMS) for real-time monitoring.

The integration to the BMS will allow for alarm notification if electrical peak demand exceeds targeted set points.

We provide custom submetering solutions for a wide variety of industrial properties.