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Water Meters

SBS supplies the highest performing water meters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Available Kamstrup Meters

flowIQ® 2102

Smart water meter - ultrasonic compact meter for measurement of cold and hot water consumption in households, blocks of flats and small commercial properties.

flowIQ® 2102 is an ultrasonic water meter optimised for residential use. Contrary to traditional mechanical meters, flowIQ® 2102 is a static meter protected against water ingress with no moving parts. Therefore, it maintains a high and stable accuracy throughout its lifetime of up to 16 years. flowIQ® 2102 has a very low error margin, an industry-leading accuracy and an optimised low start flow which ensures that even the smallest consumption is measured accurately.

Intelligent alarms from the ultrasonic water meter lets you detect leaks and bursts or other irregularities such as tampering attempts or reverse flows quickly and effectively. This limits water loss as well as any collateral damage and enables you to provide a more proactive customer service.

  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • 'Drive-by' or network
  • Temperature or measurement
  • Low leakage limit
  • Long range
  • Long life
  • Simple installation
  • Environment-friendly
Download 2102 Data Sheet

MultiCal® 62

MULTICAL® 62 is a modular water meter with multiple communication options suited for both trade, industry and housing in installations where individual customisation is required

MULTICAL® 62 is your guarantee for pinpoint measuring accuracy and longevity. The ultrasonic sensor has no moving parts, which makes it resistant to wear. Thus, by contrast to a traditional mechanical meter, MULTICAL® 62 maintains low start and stop flows during its entire lifetime. In this way MULTICAL® 62 guarantees that the water consumption of the individual household and company is accurately registered, thus ensuring that both the consumer and the utility can always be confident that their billing is reliable.

Download 62 Data Sheet
Kamstrup water meter - Multical62