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SBS specialises in device- and communications-agnostic metering systems. To that end, SBS manufactures a number of specialised communications devices for EDMI meters as well as devices for water and pulse meters.
SBS offers a number of communications products - some unique to the Australian market - to cover practically every smart meter deployment scenario.
SBS has a solid history in investing in research and development and has focused on manufacturing devices that broaden the communication and data integration options available from EDMI meters. We believe no other manufacturer has products that perform as reliably as these.


Modbus Duo

A “plug and play” device that enables customers to intergrate their meter systems with building management systems by converting the second communications port of EDMI "ATLAS" series meters EDMI Command-Line output to 2-Wire MODBUS RTU. This allows a Building Management Systems (BMS) and Netstream, or an Energy Management Stsrem (EMS), to concurrently access the same EDMI Atlas Meter for real-time reporting of meter parameters.

The embedded processor in the Modbus Duo talks directly to the meter and automatically adopts the last two digits of the meter serial number as the device Modbus address as well as interrogating the meter to allow acces to the TOU resgisters and load-profile details. The Modbus address can also be pre-programmed in factory to customer requirements if necessary.

This device has been spectaculary successful with large corporate clients who want to be able to integrate their BMS/EMS with their billing meters as the first communications port remains as an EDMI Command-Line port (2-wire RS485).

Note: requires EDMI "Atlas" meters with a Modem Power supply at the RJ45 port.

Download Modbus Fact Sheet

RS232/ RS485


These devices allow multiple EDMI meters to be joined together on a single RS-485 bus.

This RS232/RS485 Slave Translator converts the meter's RS-232 EDMI Command-Line port to RS-485 and was designed to be a true RS-485 line-level converter. SBS, after experiencing issues with other converters on offer designed this device with standard 0-15V line levels making them less susceptible to induced noise.

Note: requires EDMI "Atlas" meters with a Modem Power supply at the RJ45 port.

Download RS232/RS485 Fact Sheet

RS485/ RS232


The RS485/RS232 Master Translator is used at the end of the RS485 bus to convert back to RS232 for a modem at end-of-line.

This device is truly "plug and play" and has the added benefits of Modem Power pass-through. It has RJ485 ports so it can be patched into the bus using standard patch cables.

Note: requires EDMI "Atlas" meters with a Modem Power supply at the RJ45 port.

Download RS485/RS232 Fact Sheet


Embrace Mesh Radio

A "plug and play" device that allows EDMI meters to communicate on a wireless mesh network using a custom, secure, self-healing, ad-hoc Zigbee type protocol designed for long-term reliability.

SBS designed this module to be easy to use on broad-acre developments or for wireless interconnection of meters between floors.

SBS has whole towns using this system and is ideal for use on broad-acre developments such as retirement villages, caravan-park and marina metering where cabling between meters would be impossible or very expensive.

It has also proven useful in large shopping centres and high-rise buildings where cabling would be costly or disruptive.

The system allows for one SIM card at the gate meter and up to 63 interconnected meters. This significantly reduces the on-going meter reading costs as there is only a single SIM cost divided between a large number of meters.

From a metering point-of-view, the system looks and acts like a wired RS485 system with a transparent pass through.

Distances up to 1km can be reached with the device.

Note: requires EDMI "Atlas" meters with a Modem Power supply at the RJ45 port.

Download Embrace Fact Sheet